Three Primary Considerations for Purchasing Murals

Wallpaper Murals offer a stunning way of enhancing a room. Chosen the right way, they can be a clean and quick addition to the overall décor in a room. Many individuals who’ve considered purchasing a wallpaper mural before got to learn quickly the challenges which this task involves. Many consumers do not understand the jargon used for materials or what amounts to fair pricing, or perhaps even the process entailed in shipping for instance. Following below are some top aspects which one would need to factor in when purchasing the wallpaper Sydney retailers offer.



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Type of material is possibly the single most vital aspect overlooked when one seeks to acquire a wallpaper Sydney shopping outlets have to offer. Three main kinds exist, namely vinyl, paper and canvas. There are several merits and demerits to having all the three of them as shown below. It would be important all the same asking whether or not the toner on a particular material contains volatile organic compounds. You will want to avoid a mural that has any.

  • Vinyl – Vinyl is durable and cleaned easily, yet provides some bright and glossy shine that could appear somewhat undesirable to certain shoppers. Such types of murals do not come prepasted and you would thus require applying the paste separately.
  • Paper – Somewhat less durable, paper can still be strong which all depends upon its variety. A majority of commercial paper murals are printed on a type of material called strip. This kind is commendable since it does not come down easily, especially in pieces. Seek for non-woven material when buying wallpaper due to its strong, yet easy repositioning abilities as a result of its prepasted backing.
  • Canvas – Canvas is durable too and provides a painters kind of look to any wall, yet this material is in some way difficult to handle and rather heavy. As such, extra paste is required and one could forget taking it down in a single full sheet. Just as Vinyl wall papers, Canvas ones are printed in wide format, implying you only get several large sheets to work with that could be difficult handling alone.


Avoid simply going for the cheaper models of murals available as they might end up yielding undesirable results and cause you to think of a secondary option later on. It is commendable trying to locate a trusted brand as these usually print for a number of distributors. You would then end up getting a product at pocket-friendly pricing. As well, they would most likely pass the savings directly on to the consumer.


Hardly anyone would want to wait for between 6 and 8 weeks for a mural which would then have to be returned as part of claiming a money-back guarantee. Most people would prefer having fast shipment of their goods. To this end, do find out a good supplier or online store for wallpaper Sydney has today before placing your order. You could perhaps test their response time by emailing them and asking feedback from their website. More details at


Post Author: Mary Morris